10 Major Challenges that the Republic of India faces today

We need to overcome the major challenges to be able to secure a bright future for our country

Today, India possesses the fourth largest economy in the world and her prominence in the global economy is increasing even further. If predictions are to be believed, the PRC (People’s Republic of China) will surpass the US economy by 2020 even as India overtakes Japan to become #3. It goes further, with predications that India will overtake the US by 2050. It is only natural that we, being Indians, will approve these predictions. After all, these are in our favour. The experts, from around the world, have given obvious reasons – Second Largest Population, Increasing Business Opportunities, High Economic Growth, Power of Democracy (to overtake China)…  and the list continues. The experts, from India, sing on the same tunes, though some of them also highlight the biggest challenges that India faces. Obviously, we prefer to hear people praising our country and hence, Indian media shows the same picture.

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Do share your views on the same and suggestions if you have any.

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5 Responses to “10 Major Challenges that the Republic of India faces today”
  1. shriharsh says:

    thanks for your wonderful Youtube link and Its shows you have lot of concern for this country . I liked it .

  2. shriharsh says:

    I have one question : My internet download manager is not working since i updated my Firefox ,Can you suggest some points .

    • genobz says:

      Bhai, i have listed all the points which he states in the talk. Just go through them. Watch the video when you have some time. It might be too huge to download.

  3. Shyam says:

    true… not sure who said this, but it still rings true: Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible.

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