Direct Link to Subscribe to a Blog

Direct Link to Subscription

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(Alternate Title : How to make a Custom designed Subscribe button work on blogs?)

A simple question,

How do I make my readers subscribe to my posts simply by clicking on a link??

(Instead of them discovering the Subscription widget on their own)

This question has struck many bloggers, specially on WordPress, like me.

Here is how I have tackled this problem :

Post a link to the Subscription Widget so that the reader is redirected to the widget where he can click on ‘Subscribe me now!’ to get subscribed successfully. 

(Thank you WordPress Support Staff. Specially, Mr Blake W.)

Here is how you do it - 

View the source code for the page (generally the homepage) which has the Subscription Widget

Google Chrome – Wrench Menu > Tools > View Source
Internet Explorer 9- F12 Developer Tools > View > Source > Original
Mozilla Firefox – View > Page Source

For demonstration purpose, check the source code of this page.

Use Ctrl + F to find this – widget_blog_subscription

You should get a result similar to the one shown in the following image.

Check the id as shown in the figure

As you would have seen, the id for my Subscription Widget is blog_subscription-5

Hence, the direct link to my subscription widget would be:

Try it out by clicking here – Subscribe now!

Similarly, you can get the direct link to your subscription widget which you can, then, use in your posts to make it easier for your readers to subscribe to your posts.


Don’t I need to inform my readers before hand that they would be redirected to a widget on clicking that link since they might not be expecting that?

Yes, you might want to do that. Read the Next page to know how to do that.

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24 Responses to “Direct Link to Subscribe to a Blog”
  1. Dear genobz,
    I was directed to this page by timethief on the WP forum ( This tip really worked for me. It was just about what I was looking for. Thank you for taking the pains to share this!

    Greetings, Evita Martina
    (aka IvichieSays)

  2. falling4food says:

    hi, i’m trying to use this method for my blog and i want to add the subscribe button to my menu at the top of the page. for some reason it’s not showing up when i create the custom link and add it to my menu. any ideas? thanks!

  3. Ro says:

    Does this work with bought domain names? My blog doesn’t have a “” address.

  4. I can’t seem to make this work for me. I’m trying which should be correct. Any ideas? Great guide!

  5. emmajogibson says:

    I understand that this post was created a long time ago, but I have just tried your instructions to add a subscription link to my blog and cannot get it to work, I have tired but it links straight back to the homepage. Could you help please?

    • genobz says:

      Hi emmajogibson

      The link that i helped you create helps you route the reader to that subscription widget.

      I checked your website and discovered that the blog subscription widget did not exist. I believe that you were trying to replace it with a single line link.
      If you want to use ‘WordPress subscriptions, i am afraid you will HAVE to use a subscription widget somewhere on your blog to route the traffic to it.
      Alternatively, you can use Google’s ‘feedburner’ to achieve the same.

      Lemme know if i can be of help :)

  6. elana castle says:

    Thanks, but the link I created ( only takes me to my homepage not a subscribe button?

    Am I missing something?

    • genobz says:

      Hi Elena.

      I tried it and it worked fine.
      The desired result will be that you’re still on your homepage but the ‘Subscribe’ widget is now visible on the right sidebar directly aligned with the top-right corner.
      What do you see? Try giving me a link to the screenshot if you’re experiencing something else.

      • elana castle says:

        Hi Genobz. That link does take me to the website with the subscribe button on the right but that is always there. I was hoping that the link would take me to a box where people could just put in their email address. by taking people to the website they won’t be necessarily know to look at the right sidebar to subscribe.
        Any way to link to a plain wordpress page with the subscribe box on its own?

    • genobz says:

      Right now, you might not be seeing the box which lets you enter the e-mail address coz ur signed into wordpress. Try logging out, and check that link again.

      About helping the readers find the subscribe widget, i use the following –

      Alternatively, you can use a blank page titled ” Check the Widget in the Right SideBar” and use this link instead – (

  7. Howdy — thanks for this! Do you know if it’s possible to use this direct link on a mapped domain? Doesn’t seem to be working out on my end.

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